Who We Are

Unigon Plane is a Community & Review site.

We are now at the beginning of the period of the true Independent Artist who doesn’t have to be beholden to a king or a record company. True artists with a message about being human, being unique, being alive, are appearing. As are the fans.

Our aim is very simple: to review music & books to help Indie artists get more exposure as well as have a place to discuss & connect with other artists.

We believe very strongly in collections. We collect Music & Books (along with some films) and know how it feels to find that next artist or item to add another facet to your collection.

We don’t believe in Streaming. We believe in owning. Streaming has its charms but as collectors, we support the artists who give us what we desire. We know our support encourages the artists to make more and better art.

The Unigon Plane People

Benedict Roff-Marsh

Benedict Roff-Marsh is a composer of electronic music.

I write music and have a modest collection of over 5 crates of vinyl and lots of CDs. My Android Player says on 8th March 2018 I have 877 Albums from 455 Artists spanning 21 Genres & 62 years. Gary Numan is the artist I have the most number of albums (16), Tangerine Dream is second with 11 but if I count solo records from members & former members it is more like 20+.

Music plays almost every minute I am awake (and not watching a movie). I also spend quite a bit of time every day surfing to find new music to add to my life.

The first record I can say I bought was “The Jan & Dean Story” from K-Mart after seeing the movie on TV (in glorious 12” B&W ~250p) and badgering my parents. The last was two days ago and is Stoned Karma’s “The Dark Side Of Destiny” which I found on YouTube and bought within minutes of landing on their Bandcamp page.

I read every day, morning and evening. Mostly SF as I like the big ideas. No idea what the first book I read was but I was reading H.G. Wells’ “War Of The Worlds” for the third time when I was an 11yo.



Jane Stockwell is a software developer and avid fan of science fiction.

My grandmother was a teacher librarian, and she and my parents instilled in me a deep love of reading. Some of my earliest memories are of digging through boxes of books under the house, spending hours finding new discoveries and devouring them. I read every chance that I get, from science fiction to science fact and philosophy. While I do sometimes read on my Kindle, I love the experience of a real book.

The first book I remember reading (before I started school) was Asimov’s “I, Robot”. I was always reading books well above my age group. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were old friends I visited over and over, Ursula le Guin’s “Earthsea” series was read until it fell apart.

While I love fiction, I also read a wide range of non-fiction books. Books on the history of science always get my attention, such as “Fermat’s Last Theorem” by Simon Singh and Dava Sobel’s “Longitude”. I’m currently reading Herman Hesse’s “Siddhartha”.

My father passed on a love of music in me with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and the Shadows regularly echoing throughout the house. I have music playing almost all the time, both at work and in my car. I’m currently listening to Tim McGraw’s “35 Biggest Hits”.


From time to time we may carry guest reviewers. They will be identified in the post.

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