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      Travis has joined us. Travis & I have done quite a bit of work together over the years (mostly invisible). This one, however, is visible.


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      Thanks for sharing Benedict.

      This ‘mix walkthrough’ series of videos you do is extremely useful as it takes us through the entire process and explains it all on the way.

      With all mixes being subjective, it can be hard to get a grasp on the mixing methods as they never apply directly to one’s work. Luckily a few of us have been a part of this series – for those of us trying to learn about mixing, it is invaluable to have our actual work mixed by Benedict with him explaining the process as he does it. A typical generic mixing tutorial can never get as intimate as this type of teaching allows.

      I really enjoy the series and I hope more people submit work for it so we can keep it going!

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      Thanks Travis


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