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      (hit the Full Screen button bottom right of video)

      In response to Guy Michelmore of ThinkSpace Education’s “How to Score Films: One Scene – Four Styles” post:

      Guy very kindly shared the video (and everything else from the project) for people to play with. I used only the Film & Sea recording and made my own quick take on how that scene could be scored. My way of course. All synthesis. I was even tempted to replace the wave recording with synthesis but that seemed maybe a step too far as the organic sea sound was an integral part of the vision of the film as it sat. I naturally followed a similar feel as that is what the vision suggests.

      In order of composition a digital FM-ish Pad from Europa, a Bell (that took ages to get right) from Europa and the best instrument known to mankind, Synth Brass from Subtractor. (DAW screenshots at the end if you are feeling synthspotty)

      Thanks again to Guy & ThinkSpace Education for the video.


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