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      Frequencies (vibrations). Everything that exists is said to be made up of vibrations. I am yet to understand this beyond two examples – audio and video.

      With audio it’s quite simple, a sound at a very very low frequency would sound similar to knocking on someone’s door. Increase the rate of that knocking and it gets faster and faster until they are so fast they join together to make one continuous sound, they kind of blur in to one. Increase that rate of vibration even more and that sound begins to rise in pitch. Dial in that vibration at the right frequencies and we have musical tones. So here we have good examples of how sound is made up of vibrations.

      With video it’s fairly simple as well, without going in to too much detail, our computer monitors and television screens are flashing at a certain rate. This is the vibration. The flashes occur at such a fast rate that we don’t actually see them, they blend to make up one continuous image, just like the faster sound vibration blending. If we had the equipment to slow this rate of vibration down, I’m sure we would eventually see a flashing screen. So I can see at least, that video display is also made of vibrations.

      What really blows my mind though, is the idea that everything is made of vibrations. Smells are certain vibrations that our noses decode. Taste would be made of certain vibrations that our taste buds decode. These two examples are pretty hard to understand, but taking it even further, apparently we ourselves are a certain vibration or made up of it, and apparently an object at a certain position operates at a certain frequency that can be dialed in to (interesting 9/11 theory).

      I find it interesting that sound vibrations operate from 0Hz to 20kHz (as far as our ears are concerned), then video operates at 15kHz to 6MHz, then apparently light vibrates at 430 trillion hertz to 750 trillion hertz. Notice that these different types of vibrations seem to have their own place on some sort of spectrum, it makes me wonder that maybe some of these weird ones could be in between those, or possibly way higher or lower.

      If anyone wants to add to this their own ideas or possibly help me understand any of it that would be great, thanks! 🙂

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      Interesting subject Travis. Prone to a lot of pseudoscience which is a shame.

      Maybe someone with more Physics (Jane) than I can clarify whether everything is simply vibration. If the vibrations are far enough apart between two objects one appears to be in a different state from the other but ultimately they are all as equally shuddery real/unreal as each other all the time. That if I could change my vibration, I could walk through walls (it was on Stargate so it must be real eh?).

      For now, I will assume that solid things are simply solid. Functionally true. Except of course in the case of water which is prone to being solid/liquid/gas. Maybe water is God!

      Anyway… I am not sure if everything is vibration so much as vibrating. We know that each Atom is shaking away like an Elvis or Peter Garrett. So the Universe is like a massive place full of endless shaking Elvises & Peter Garretts funky-dancin’ away to The Great Keith Moon at the center of the Big Bang (why else did they call it that).

      As you note, everything has its rate of vibration. Middle C vibrates at 261.6Hz no matter if it is being played by a bass, violin, sitar or saxamaphone. The only difference there is the other vibrationals that go along with each instrument as a result of their construction (and as you say our hearing).

      G above is 392.0Hz. Completely different vibe man. Yet if played on the same instrument, the relationship is clear. We can still tell that bass, violin, sitar & lisasimpsonophone apart. Their overtones stay in a matching relationship (well mostly as there is a shared unique resonance – or set thereof – unique to each instrument).

      When we play the 261.6 & 392.0Hz notes at once, we get an “invisible” third note which is a sympathetic joining of those two fundamentals (which very cleverly are mathematically related – ask Pythagoras of the Endless Triangles). We can’t just make up a note at the midpoint and say “Oh that is what those two notes are, I can sack the bass player and do it myself.” We need both players to get the same result.

      Maths (uugh):
      392.0 – 261.6 = 130.4 which happens to be ~C 1-octave below Mid C.
      If we go 130.4 / 2 + 261.6 = 326.8 an out of tune E between our first notes
      but it is not the equal of both notes played.

      So yes there is some sympathy between notes (like the way the bass makes the drum kit rattle) so everything affects everything else up and down the chain. Which is where the logic of praying/playing for peace for all the hosts of beings comes from. A butterfly farted in Tibet and Metallica released Death Magnetic to howls of OMG it looks & sounds like a fart (in-music-joke from the loudness wars).

      It wasn’t the butterfly that done that. It was simply the ripples of actions as a result of feelings (Post Modernism) that became the loudness wars that inevitably created Death Magnetic & Cardi G(an). It is the overlapping of Freqs like in the C+G example that makes the new thing.

      I am entirely unconvinced tho that you can extrapolate that to simply playing some Freq will change a person or even the universe to one of utmost harmony. If you could, even in the movies they would know that you have to get The Great Keith Moon at the Big Bang to be tapping it out (or flailing in his case); not some Post-Manners Hipster playing it on their vastly distorted “UE Boom II Uber-Ultra Pro More Bling Than Your Shiz Bluetooth Speaker”.

      A prayer – and action taken from that intent-  is supposed to fly to God (or Keith Moon). Shouting it with ill-intent won’t work out my Hister un-friend.

      Yes, we do have the Q that seeing we have limited senses, could there be a Frequency out there on which Satan or Picachu sits??? My answer to that is if it does, it is largely irrelevant to us because if we can’t sense (feel, hear, see, touch, taste) it, it is probably of no particular impact on us. Or if it were we couldn’t affect it directly – like that intangible third note made in a chord. But… As we know, prayer and every action taken thereof vibrates around us. So we can at least take heed of our actions in the way that the Buddhists (and actually Christians ) say for us to do.

      If you are of the readin’ type this book is good Christian: Bob Goff “Everybody Always”. It meshes perfectly with the Buddhist idea of wishing peace on all beings, yes even those Post Manners Hipsters who seem so eager to destroy what I love most. Andy Prescient was very prieboy here.

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        Thanks for having  a crack at explaining your thoughts on it, I found the two note analogy most interesting – how they need each other vibrating together to create that third note.
        You have a great sense of humour Benedict, you should really have a go at comedy in some form.

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      Jane Stockwell

      My study in physics was more at the macro scale (astrophysics) as opposed to the micro scale (atomic/quantum physics), but if I recall my basic physics, the reason that objects feel solid to us is because of the repulsion between atoms. an object is inherently stable because its atoms are balanced between their attraction, due to gravity and to charge (negatively charged electrons attracted to positively charged protons in the nucleus) and repulsion due to charge (negatively charged electrons repulsing other negatively charged electrons).

      A solid has its atoms in a rigid structure with the atoms fairly close together, so when two solids touch, the rigid structures simply can’t pass through the gaps between each other’s atoms because of that repulsion. Be glad for that, or we’d have nuclear fusion happening everywhere and E = mc^2 wouldn’t be fun to be in the middle of.

      Back to vibration, yes, everything vibrates, at the very least at the atomic level.  No atoms, no sound. If you played “Dark Side of the Moon” on the dark side of the moon, it would be a pretty disappointing performance.

      Whether the atomic vibrations translate to sympathetic vibration that has mystical powers, that’s not my area of expertise!

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        Wow Jane you really know your stuff, together with Benedict I’m sure your kids must benefit greatly from all that wisdom!

        It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea of things being made from atoms but to consider those atoms packed tight together in their attracting and repulsing states keeping them stable to form a solid makes some sense.

        Thanks for chiming in!!

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        Jane Stockwell

        Thanks, Travis! Of course, for the kids to learn, they’d have to actually listen to us first! 🙂

        Yes, it is difficult to visualise that everything we see is made up of tiny atoms that actually have space between them. Granted, it’s not a lot of space, but it’s still there!


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      I know.

      It’s immature but


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