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      Again, going first and this is a genuine Collab opportunity.

      I am looking for a Visual Artist

      Project: Music album based around tracks that tell the key points in a Gothic style story about a girl who gets killed as a witch in revenge. The whole album will have a YouTube video. This is where I need help, my art is limited.

      Need: I am looking for someone who is willing & able to create Storyboard style artworks to illustrate each of the pieces. A tiny bit of animation is possible but if the art is compelling enough it isn’t entirely necessary as I know it adds to the workload bigtime. I will be honest and say that there is no money in this – happy to Revenue Share 50-50 but that will be sweet FA. The upside is that you get a huge portfolio piece in the video and a personal testimonial (if you haven’t made a total pig of yourself).

      This track is an early piece in the sequence covering the lovely village when everything seems nice.

      This is an older album with a story. While I am happy that I did the work & published it, I felt that the rudimentary artwork didn’t please people so they moved on.


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      I had no interest in the couple of places where I tried for an artist (ignoring the guy who was really rude about how it wasn’t worth anything to him) and paying an artist was just beyond what I could justify (not because they asked too much but that it was 10x what I might ever make from the album).

      That left me and my Art skills as the way to keep moving.

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        Benedict your art skills are great and certainly good enough for your videos. Like I mentioned on Youtube it feels like there needs to be a bit more happening, more movement or text or even your images scrolling across the screen. What a shame there are no great shortcuts to animating, still a very tedious, drawn out process. Excellent opportunity to listen to music and vlogs though.

        I am curious as to what software you used to create the images in this video, and did you just use your mouse to do them? The hooded characters in particular look really cool!

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      Thanks Travis.

      As you know other vids of mine have animations/movement but while I tried it here at first, I wasn’t feeling it. Yes we are all action-starved (as a result of overstimulation) but I can only do what I can do. I am more interested in finishing a project then getting bogged down.

      General audiences are all so demanding that unless you give exactly what they expect (someone else’s formula) they pass by so no sense in wasting time & energy on what I cannot achieve. Might as well be true to my vision with what I can do.

      As for the images, they were all made in Inkscape (a free Illustrator type program that I know fairly well). It is all Vectors so not really drawing in the sketching sense. The hoods are easy as they are just slowing lines and another color layer to create the “folds”. Finer details are somewhat beyond me.


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