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      What sets off normally rational people more, relic guitars or autotuned vox?

      I just answered this Q on Quora. I have to say the way the Q was phrased was the real reason I answered it as it is somewhat disturbing seeing it indicates that it is not rational to be upset a Faux Art. (BTW “relic guitars” are pre-damaged guitars like distressed jeans)


      Here is my answer in full:

      Your Q suggests that responding with ire against (unnecessary) AutoTuning of vocals on every darned song is not rational in itself. This makes the Q rather disturbing.

      Talentless hacks relying on AutoTune to hide performances that deserve nothing more than rotten fruit being thrown is not good anything – it isn’t even irony.

      Singing is about expressing the human condition. If a singer refuses to do that properly then they are not doing what they were paid to do. Even more, they are denying life because rather than sharing a true experience, they are being a fake.

      Trying to pass off a fake person as a real one is a terrible offense against the group. Throwing rotten fruit is a rational response in this situation as a fake person in our midst is an enemy. A guest always announces themselves, esp if they are from another tradition.

      I am not talking about use of vocal processing for effect like Cher on “Believe”, ELO with Vocoders (robot singing), or even Kraftwerk using a Speak & Spell for some vocal parts. These are all done to express something so they are valid art. This record I like: Men In Light, by edencane This artist’s vocals are all processed but it never steps too far out of being a very human performance. His songs are what matters. Yes, maybe he would get more fans if he sang “in the clear” but the art is still there & true.


      The use of the processing isn’t making “modern” singers inhuman. It is their unwillingness to be properly human that does the damage. They then try to hide it with AutoTune as tho it was irony, but we can tell that they are still faux and desire destruction more than life. This is what makes them enemies in our midst.

      Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Sid Vicious… may not have hung onto their lives strongly enough but their songs always spoke about being human. The joys, the pains (maybe too many of them), the act of getting up and trying again. The reason that people like the “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” song is that it does all those things really well.

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      Jane Stockwell

      “Toss a coin to your Witcher” is a real surprise package. You can feel it, even though it’s really sung in the style of a bard with his lute.

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      Yes, it proves what a mockery this whole modern genre obsession is.

      It is funny that there are some genre covers already that seek to say, it is ok that I like this song because it is now my genre.

      I like the song because it is honest and actually has some great things to say. The delivery is really good too.

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