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      I’d like to welcome Darryl Miller along. Darryl & I have worked together a time or two. This was a Mix I did for him (and showed in detail) of one of his tracks.

      Mix Walkthrough for a track that has quite a musical feel despite being made from sample loops. Because it is a Spiritual, I also talk about how the devices in the song support/hinder that aim as well as how to manage “message” songs for a general audience. The Final Mix starts at 07:09


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      Darryl Miller

      I enjoyed this collaborative process, and loved the mix you came up with Benedict! There was a lot of good advice in the video , now making me rethink some of my mix approaches. Thank you for your time , advice, and friendship !

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      No worries at all. We are all here to work together. None of is all the parts-in-one.

      We have to put aside some short-term ego to fit into the puzzle that allows us to make something Greater than any of us alone. The ego gets its win when we can look at our greater achievements that make all of life better.


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