Glynn Stewart – Imperium Defiant

Genre: Science FictionReleased: September 2019Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell I came to “Imperium Defiant” the long way around. It is the third book in the “Light of Terra” trilogy, which is the second trilogy in the “Duchess of Terra” series of books. My starting point was through “Darkness Beyond,” which was the first book in the “Light […]

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M. S. Lawson – Claire Takes On the Galaxy

Genre: Science Fiction Released: September 2018 Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell Back in May, we reviewed “A Planet For Emily” by M. S. Lawson, a fun science fiction story set in a dystopian future.  Mark has clearly been busy and has just released his second sci-fi story, “Claire Takes On The Galaxy”. Set in a completely different […]

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T. W. Piperbrook – Sandstorm

Genre: Science Fiction Released: June 2018 Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell I truly had high hopes for this book.  It started well, with interesting elements of Frank Herbert’s Dune apparent from the get-go.  But my enjoyment of the book was cut short as the anticipated exciting climax got pushed into the as yet unpublished sequel. I don’t know […]

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M. S. Lawson – A Planet For Emily

Genre: Science Fiction Released: July 2017 Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell “A Planet for Emily” is a sci-fi novel by Australian author Mark S. Lawson, who presents a dystopic future where the Earth has engaged in an interstellar war with the reptilian Zards… and lost.  The Zards have claimed the Earth and the human race is exiled […]

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Richard Lawther – The Gang Of Four

Genre: Science Fiction Released: January 2017 Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but to be honest I wasn’t quite sure at first when I saw the cover for “The Gang Of Four”.  It just seems like a picture of an egg-shaped Earth with some cat’s eyes […]

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