Victor Kennedy You Yangs – Little Skies

Genre: Alternative Released: September 2017 Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh Despite the strange band name and the lairy colors preferred by Victor, this is a record worth spending time on. I’ll start by saying from the get-go that Victor Kennedy seems familiar somehow but I don’t know why. He has no Bio of any value so I can’t […]

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Bill Nelson – Drive This Comet Across the Sky

Genre: Alternative Released: April 2018 Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh It’s Bill Nelson! Bill Nelson I tells ya!!! I will try ever so hard not to be gushy at this opportunity to review one of my heroes. Bill may not be a household name like Bowie but nonetheless, there is a certain something (or a few somethings) […]

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Geoff Kerr – Proximity Effect

Genre: Alternative Released: March 2018 Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh I keep encountering Metal in my search for new music, probably because YouTube noticed I like it so they keep showing me it. The downside is that sometimes I want to try other things. To Bandcamp to scan what is new… I found this. Geoff Kerr is […]

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Rome In Monochrome – Away From Light

Genre: Post-Rock Released: March 2018 Reviewed by: Jane Stockwell I have to begin with the caveat that I am far from an expert on various genres of music.  I enjoy what I enjoy, and on the whole I can listen to almost any type of music as long as it is interesting and I can […]

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