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We are currently happy to offer you a first Book or Music review – normally $9.99 – at no charge. What you need (apart from a music album or book) is to be an active member of our Forum community.

If you are interested in getting a review for your work, please be active in the Forum and follow the Submission bouncing ball below. Don’t forget to let us know that you are claiming your free review. The obvious rules have to be a) that we are happy to do the review and b) that you haven’t had a review with us before.

How To Submit

Here at Unigon Plane we love to hear from Independent Artists when they have a new album or book to share with the world.

There, of course, have to be some rules to make this work for the people it needs to work for (us, the fans & of course you). If you choose not to follow the rules below we reserve the right to ignore you, remember you un-fondly or even use you as an example of how not to go about things.

Please start by reading the who we are page and a few reviews of material similar to yours. Go on now, this page will be here when you get back.

Technically we are open to submissions from any style or genre of music or book but we have some reservations.

  1. Artwork must be Art. That capital “A” says you haven’t merely tried to copy whoever is currently top of the pops. Your work and voice need to be unique and expounding on the human experience. Faux expression will not wash well with us so commercial music as we hear it in the early 2000’s is not our bag. Nor are books that too closely try to emulate The Matrix or 50 Shades. We will happily take Pop, Rap or Romance so long as it speaks with a genuine voice.
  2. The Work is Finished & Published. If your album doesn’t have all its songs we aren’t going to listen at all. If your record or book doesn’t have a proper cover then we also aren’t playing. Bottom line is that your work must be fully finished and have all the things that a commercially released work would. We can forgive a raw work but not an unfinished one. We will link to your point of sale. If you want to send us a pre-release copy we are happy to consider it but only if it includes everything it should have and release dates are scheduled in diamond-plated concrete.
  3. Website. You must have a website or a similar home for your works. You probably have Facebook or some other social media thingee that you work but if you don’t have a proper static home for your work & Bio we are very likely going to assume you aren’t serious. You will create links to any published reviews you get with us on your website (as well as Facebook etc). No reason you wouldn’t but remember that these links make us all stronger in the eyes of Mr. Google.
  4. Interviews. From time to time we may ask you to engage in an interview or something similar. We strongly encourage you to say yes and participate eagerly. This includes sharing suitable photos of yourself or the band.
  5. Time. We understand you want your review to appear 10 seconds after you sent us the file but really that won’t be the case as we have to live with your work for a bit. If it’s a book we need to read it all (an amusing concept I know for a review site) and cogitate on how we feel after it. Some records grab me instantly, others take a few twirls. An interesting book or record can leave you thinking about it for years. We won’t take that long. Conversely, if your work is too old we may need to pass on it so best not to send us stuff older than 6 months.
  6. Language. We are English speakers so if your work is in another language, it is going to be hard to impossible for us to review it. On the subject of language, if there is a lot of fucking swearing in your fucking work then please make fucking sure it serves a fucking purpose greater than fucking trying to make yourself feel fucking big. If we don’t find it at least funny, we may just pass altogether.
  7. Contact. Commonly we will be in contact with you if you have been successful with us. Not hearing probably means we just didn’t think it right for us. Please don’t badger us or submit the same work again. We may have disliked your work or we may be holding you for a later date. All genuine submission details will be stored for referral.
  8. Bad Reviews. It is possible that we may not like everything that comes our way. If we don’t like something enough we simply won’t cover it but we may like a record or book enough to recommend it whilst still having some negatives or constructive suggestions. We trust that this is something you can roll with. Take it that all press is good press and make something of it to your fans. Be creative, we won’t be offended so long as you are not personally offensive.
  9. Sister Sites. It is also possible that material you submit to us be aired on a sister site like Sometimes you will get notice or even be asked permission but this won’t always be the case so you will be willing to accept this in good cheer – note we have already warned you if you submit or behave poorly that we may well use you as an example.
  10. Original Work & Legality. Everything you send us must be your work. Covers are fine on a record (assuming you have done all the right things) but plagiarism or samples that you don’t have express permission to use will leave us no option but to pass. If you are sending us Rap and have used pre-made backings then please be sure you know what is there. We don’t want to limit your art but we also don’t want to condone stealing.
  11. Copyright & Quoting. Your book remains your copyright and our review remains ours. We may quote a few lines of your book or song for review purposes but we won’t copy & paste your whole book to our site, so while we would love for you to extract and quote a line or two of our review to your site, you must remember to credit and link back to the review page.  If you paste the whole of our review into another site we will consider it stealing and develop mighty uncool feelings toward you.
  12. Reviews cost US$9.99 which we will arrange with you via Pay Pay once we have decided we are happy to do the review (this saves refunds etc). A review can’t proceed until paid.

After we have established a relationship with you then we may relax the process a little but let us be clear that not following these rules may mean that we become un-serious about your submission and maybe even any future with you.

  • Submissions may only be made via the form on this page.
  • We recommend a Zip file on a service like Dropbox for your work and will not download from unidentifiable or untrustworthy sources or open weird file formats.
  • Books must be in PDF or a common book format like Kindle.
  • Music must be in MP3 at 128kbps or 190kbps VBR. Sure it is lossy but huge files like 320kbps, FLAC or Wav won’t make your message any better or make it to my phone.
  • All works must have proper ID Tags embedded so it can be identified at any time it is being played or read.
  • If you can link us to any sort of preview of your work that will help a lot as we don’t have to download everything to start getting an idea of who you are. It would also be wise if you make music to have something we can embed in a review to stream your work so people can hear it as they read about you. Bandcamp & YouTube are the best for this.
  • The copy of your submitted work will become our property but will be thrown away at the end of the review process. We will not be keeping your record or book, no matter how much we like it personally. We will buy our own copy if we like it enough we want to collect it. We expect the same from Guest reviewers but obviously can’t enforce that.

Submission Form

(form scrolls – will not be published)

We wish you best of luck in this process and your career in general. If we would like to go further with this we will be in touch 🙂

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