You may wonder at the Punk cartoon character who appears at times in the Collector’s Edition Media Center. He is also the program Logo & Icon.

Punk - Collector's Edition
Punk – Collector’s Edition
Benedict in 1989
Benedict in 1989

The story behind this fellow is a personal one. I first started drawing him back in about 1989. He never had a name as such because he was always a parody of myself.

I worked in a bank and it didn’t quite stretch my senses so I’d draw this fellow doing all sorts of terrible things. I remember giving a friend a get well card with Punk having vomited all over the place. Complete with carrots.

Apparently though he should not be used as a Christmas decoration. I got called into the Manager’s office when in protest to having a Bauble declaring Merry Christmas taped to my computer screen (CRT back then) I replaced with with Punk saying “I hate Xmas”. Seems people get sensitive about that and their sensitivities are more important than mine.

Initially I made a nice safe corporate looking Logo & Icon set for CE but honestly they were boring as bat shit.

We realized that in a few situations we may need on-screen text to help new users through a few things so it was decided a character would help. Wot better than a Punk for Rock & Roll software?

As for the colors? Yep outright parody of The Sex Pistols album cover. Don’t worry, that was a stolen idea too.

Never Mind The Bollocks - Here's The Sex Pistols