Media – Live TV, Netflix, YouTube etc

Collectors Edition is a Media Center even though (at present) it only plays music files.

Rather than spend a lot of time trying to build in lots of functionality and hope it works nicely, we decided that it was actually better to allow each user to decide what extra they want to run from CE.

To that end CE (very elegantly I might add) offers the ability to open any application or website from the Tool Bar.

Collector's Edition Tool Bar
Collector’s Edition Tool Bar

You can set these up yourself to suit what you want to use as your weapon of choice for whatever you want to use. As an example we use:

  • TV & PVR – Sichbo PVR
  • Watching Movies (local) – Pot Player
  • Browser – Netflix, YouTube, etc.

Assignable Icons in the Tool Bar can be set to launch programs (along with rules like Volume adjustments) to handle anything that you like to do whilst allowing CE to remain center-of-life. Close Netflix and there is CE ready to let you listen to more music or scurry off to YouTube.

This means a lot less set-up and struggle with trying to get CE to play nicely with regional TV shows or finesse rendering of 4kHD color profiles on a Teac TV from 1989. Other programs already have these things licked. Use them with our blessing.