Collector's Edition Tagger

Tagging – Done Right

Most Media Centers tell you how great a job they will do with tagging & beautifying all your music. Pah! They won’t. Well, maybe they will do an adequate job if you only own Top 40 albums from the last 10 years.

If you are a real collector and own a lot of material that is not super fashionable, these processes will let you down. This is your collection, you need to be in-control of it so that you can have it exactly the way you want it to be.

That means that you need a great Tagger. CE has exactly that.

Not only does Tagger apply ID3 tags to mp3s but it can assign tags to Wave, FLAC, or any other media that Windows is happy to play.

Custom tagging contributes greatly to how well CE can help make recommendations. If you let all your tags get crowdsourced, they will not reflect the way you see your collection and the connections that CE makes will reflect what the crowd says you should listen to next instead of what you want to listen to next. If you felt that way you wouldn’t own records of your own and would be off paying to get rid of adverts on Spotifry.

CE also has a Seasons system of tags to help get you started on adding a second layer of information to all of your albums. Tagger lets you add these and can even help you get this done by giving you a few to fill in every now & then. (of course, you can turn this off if it offends you)

It is up to you how you define the Season of an album. Me I like to think of bright, happy records as Summer and cold, dark ones as Winter. It is up to you how you assign seasons but having the broaderĀ “feel” information lets Suggestions work so much better for you.

You can have multiple artworks for albums. Sometimes that doesn’t matter but sometimes it really does.

Japan - Oil On Canvas Gatefold
Japan – Oil On Canvas Gatefold