Now Playing Screen

Now Playing – Easy to Read

Ease of use and readability is very important to us. Every major screen is designed as a 10-Foot Interface, which means you can see clearly from across the room.

The Now Playing screen is familiar but has some unique features that really set it apart from typical media players.

The most obvious feature is the “oversize” album cover. Commonly album artwork is almost relegated to an afterthought. This is not in keeping with the great history of the album as an art form.

You will also see that the CE interface has no color. No fancy smearing colors from the album art. Nothing to take from the presence of the album you are listening to. Even the white border is designed to make the album art really leap out at you.

When you listen to an album from Vinyl or even a CD, you physically handle the cover art so it becomes large in your feelings. Media Centers often seem to do what they can to separate you from the album art (and keep you focused on their interface or advertising instead). CE wants to keep you focused on the album itself so you get the greatest pleasure from your listening.

You can skip back to the Explorer & Crates screens too whilst the music is playing.