Collector's Edition Explorer

Explore – Music Library

Collectors Edition (CE) has a slightly different take on the Media Explorer. Initially, everything will seem very familiar which is good. But after a while, you may notice some differences from the typical Media Center.

Controls are kept to a minimum. While it seems cool to developers to create a trillion little buttons that do arcane things, users really don’t want them. All they do is create confusion.

The Explorer can swap between viewing Crates and the contents of the Crates (the albums). This matches the way a collector can scan across their crates to get a sense of what area they would like to look for something to listen to then dive into a subset of their collection.

The big difference in the way CE shows your albums is with the Suggestions box on the right-hand side. When an album is clicked in the main Explore area, it focuses that album as the seed for a round of suggestions.

I won’t bore you here with how that works but simply put CE makes three sets of suggestions based on

  1. Same – albums from the same Crate
  2. Similar – albums with similarities to the seed
  3. Different – albums with no similarities to the seed

Once an album is set to Play the view immediately swaps to the Now Playing screen.