Music Alarm on your Computer

Alarms – Wake on the Dark Side of the Moon

There is nothing like waking in the morning to your own music collection. Sadly the Computer Music Alarm stopped being developed with the advent of Windows 10. This wasn’t necessary as your computer can still activate & fade in the Screen & Music.

You can set up different alarms for every day of the week with different rules. Collectors Edition randomly selects an album to wake you up and keeps playing until the time you set is up. That gives your alarms a double-purpose as:

  1. When the alarm hits full volume it is time to wake up.
  2. When the alarm stops playing it is time to drag yourself up.

Which of course won’t be a drag because you have been listening to some music you love and a screen designed to make you feel more awake.

Yes, the screen colors are deliberate. Blue like the sky, yellow like the sun. Colors designed by nature to tell you it is time to be awake. I used to use these to wake myself at 3:00 AM and it sure helped.

The small album cover is there to remind you what the song is (seeing brains don’t work that easily on waking). Otherwise the information is kept to a minimum. You need to ease into the day not be bombarded with useless info like weather. If you have that need, this is why God invented windows and smartphones .