These are Downloads that we offer through Unigon Plane. Mostly they are $Free but we do ask that if you use them or otherwise get some pleasure that you return some value to the person who has provided them. Find that person’s public work and give them a nice comment (or thirty).

Free 32 Bit Windows VST synths & effects:

The SynthStudio Packs were a nice little cottage industry for me for quite a few years. At the time I was quite well known for these devices. While I can’t give any links, I know that some of these units were used on Dr. Who Radio Plays and made a few released albums. At one stage I had a GUI made for Janus by Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden, Eddie cover art). I had a conversation with several names incl. Larry Fast. Cosmo 201 got a mention in Future Music. Demos went on the front of a Japanese magazine several times. A couple of Software Developers wanted me to make devices for them to bundle – until they realized that I was actually using SynthEdit, oh the cringe. I actually lost touch with the devices for over a decade but a kind Adrian Frost sent them all back to me. Benedict Roff-Marsh

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