The Unigon Plane Community is as it says – a community for creative people, be they writers, musicians, composers, sculptors, painters, artists – anyone who engages in creativity. Our goal is to maintain a respectful space where creators can interact with other creators; ask questions and for feedback on their work and feel a true sense of community. We have all been in places where disrespect rules the day and this will not be allowed here.

This is who we are as people: Benedict Roff-Marsh & Jane Stockwell

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct boils down to simply being nice and treating others as you would wish to be treated. Rather than spell this out with three pages of dos & don’ts, just be respectful to others, irrespective of who they are, where they’re from and anything else.

We do not allow spam. If you spam our community, you will be removed. We don’t need to define spam because the chances are, you already know if you’re doing it. So do we.

If seeking Feedback on a work, please be sure the work is presented clearly. Other people must then be free to state their feelings. Simply saying “it sucks” is a sucky thing to do. So is being overly polite and saying how wonderful the off-key singing is. We are all here to Build. If you have a criticism then please present it, but be sure to back your opinions with more than “it’s my right to dump feelings man” lest we exercise our right to feel that you should leave. If you receive a reasoned criticism that you don’t love/understand then it does NOT make it ok for you to insult the person who gave it. Ask for understanding. Art transcends ego so while initially, it may sting to not be told how you are manifestly cooler than sliced cheese, this is how we Build. See again the point above about being respectful.

We very much prefer that your Profile be your real name (or at least your most prolific author name) and a real face photo of you. It is known that people who use avatar names & images that obscure who they are are more likely to forget their best manners.


You will see that we have adverts. This server costs us money, more than the ads return but they at least stem the loss somewhat. Google manages those ads based on where you have been, who you have been rubbing up against etc. If an advert offends you, press the wee “x” in the corner of the advert and help Google learn what you like.


We don’t sell your details on, we don’t share it with anyone inside or outside of Unigon Plane. Any information about you we capture is only used for our own marketing purposes and isn’t accessible to anyone else but the Unigon Plane team.

You can ask us at any time for what information we store, you can ask us to delete your private information and we will.

For more information about our privacy policy, see here.


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