Custom Music Composer

We can help you with unique music.

Film Score

We can assist with music for films, video & podcasts.

We compose custom original music to suit your scene or whole film from starting credits to closing credits. We have won awards for several films. Unrepentant won "Best Music Score" at WildSound 2011 + Distinctive Achievement in Sound Design” Wild Rose Independent Film Festival 2010.

Pricing: from $150

Game Music

We can assist with game music.

Game music is similar to film score but often has more technical requirements to work with the gameplay. S.P.A.C.E. Force required three themes plus sound effects composed in a couple of days for a Game Jam. We Won!

Pricing: from $120

Audio Idents & Intros

We can assist with Idents, Intros & Outros.

Audio Idents & Stings are a special art.

Pricing: from $75

Music for the joy of it

We can assist with music, or most of the tasks involved in making music.

"Garden of Merging Waters" is a music album merging the ideas of a Japanese Garden with elements of the Berlin School style of composition. We also made the video. More Music

Pricing: POA

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