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Free VST Instruments & Effects

I have made many tools to help my studio journey. These ones are free to download and use.


Omnixfear ReFill is a free ReFill for Reason. Based on samples from my private collection in NN-XT sample players and structured Combinators to allow creation of complex layering sounds with minimal effort.

Info & Audio Demos: Omnixfear ReFill


RD-19 Drum Module is a free 64 Bit VST 2 Drum Synth for a modular DAW like Reason 11 or Bitwig.
Info & Audio Demos: RD-19 Drum Module


Anadyomene FM Synth Anadyomene is a deliberately simple VST synth that looks and behave just like any simple analog style subtractive synth but has some carefully implemented options to allow it to function an an FM Synth with none of the difficulties commonly associated.
More Info & Audio Demos: Anadyomene

Synth Studio Pack I - IV

SynthStudio Packs are a series of VSTi/VST collections I made and sold over several years. Some of the devices ended up on several records and other productions. They are all 32 Bit VST 2 for Windows only (no Mac OS versions).

  1. SynthStudio Pack I - Fill Your Studio - Wavesphere - 4 Tone Sample Synth with 24/48db Filter. Janus - 3 Osc Analog Synth with 24db + 12db Filters. Castor - 2 Osc Analog Synth with 12/24/36 db Filter. Pollux - Tri Osc Bass/Lead Synth & Filterbank with 12/24db LP/HP/BP Filter. Cosmo 201 - Casio CZ emulator with Filter and Overdrive. Time - Modulating Delay. Space - Reverb Unit. Depth - Phaser/Flanger/Chorus Multi-FX. Mix - Mix Strip Functions.
  2. SynthStudio Pack II - Extra Tools - WaveLine: Wave Sequencing sample plying synth. Cluster: 8 Osc Synth semi-Additive Space Synth. Atlas: 2 Osc Digital/Analog Synth with distinctive Multi Effects. Glaz: 4 Osc FM synth w. Matrix and Filter. HelioVox: digital synth that is great for choir and rubbery sounds. LS-01: simple sample synth with layering abilities. Seq 28-116: Dual 8-note pattern Sequencer/Arp w. 16 step CC pattern. Mod-u-Law: 3 x MIDI LFOs + MIDI ADSR Env. BandWerks: 16 band Fixed Filter Bank/Character Eq. Smear Campaign: Ring Modulator into a Frequency Split Modulated Delay.
  3. SynthStudio Pack III - Virgo Constellation - Virgo 12: 3-Osc SF2 synth with a special pre-Filter Wave Driver, Chorus & Delay and a 16-Step Sequencer. Soundbank from ToTc at ProSounds. Tallis: 2-Osc SF2 synth with 2 SF2 LFOs, a configurable Dual Multi-Mode Filter, 3 Envelopes, 8-Step Seq and Matrix. Constellation V: String machine machine with 2 very versatile oscillators and an unusual Filter. Phaser and Eq help define the sound of this special synth. WaveScore: 4 WAV player synths in parallel with 5 LFOs and delay for each synth makes WaveScore perfect for thick sounds and effects. The default soundbank has a definite Vangelis feel. Virgo 4: 4-voice Chorus unit for really fat and wide sounds. SD-82: Special Driver unit which can vary from subtle warmth for strings and pads to ghastly digital noise as well as Filter effects. The Drive knob goes to 13!
  4. SynthStudio Pack IV - Wide Boys & Heroes - DA-80 - 4 OSC Dirty Analog with Mod Matrix. wavElektrik - 4 OSC retro sample player. GO-5p-l - Combo style Organ with Rotary Speaker. DA-01 - Mono/Duophonic Dirty Analog synth. SC-02 - Dual Stereo Chorus with a wide shiny sound. LP-04 - Light Phaser with 1-4 Bands. EL-2 - Crossfadable Dual Echo lines with modulation (great for Berlin School). RS-2 - Rotary Speaker with 2 speaker arms (like a real Leslie). 3q-1a - 3 Band EQ. IR-110 - Instrument Reverb/Echo.