SynthStudio Pack IV

SynthStudio Pack IV – Wide Boys & Heroes

SynthStudio Pack IV
SynthStudio Pack IV

SynthStudio Pack IV is a collection of instruments and effects with wide Dirty Analog feel

INFO: Windows VST 2, 32 Bit, made in SynthEdit, unsupported

Released in 2009 so it is now dated in many ways. However, the fundamentals are still solid and everything does what it should (assuming your Host lets that happen).

SynthStudio Pack IV is downloadable FREE as a pack including:

  • DA-80 – 4 OSC Dirty Analog with Mod Matrix.
  • wavElektrik – 4 OSC retro sample player.
  • GO-5p-l – Combo style Organ with Rotary Speaker.
  • DA-01 – Mono/Duophonic Dirty Analog synth.
  • SC-02 – Dual Stereo Chorus with a wide shiny sound.
  • LP-04 – Light Phaser with 1-4 Bands.
  • EL-2 – Crossfadable Dual Echo lines with modulation (great for Berlin School).
  • RS-2 – Rotary Speaker with 2 speaker arms (like a real Leslie).
  • 3q-1a – 3 Band EQ.
  • IR-110 – Instrument Reverb/Echo.

Download SSP IV (32 MB)