SynthStudio Pack III

SynthStudio Pack III – Virgo Constellation

SynthStudio Pack III
SynthStudio Pack III

SynthStudio Pack III is a collection of character synths, utilities & effects.

INFO: Windows VST 2, 32 Bit, made in SynthEdit, unsupported

Released in 2008 so it is now dated in many ways. However, the fundamentals are still solid and everything does what it should (assuming your Host lets that happen).

SynthStudio Pack III is downloadable FREE as a pack including:

  • Virgo 12: 3-Osc SF2 synth with a special pre-Filter Wave Driver, Chorus & Delay and a 16-Step Sequencer. Soundbank from ToTc at ProSounds.
  • Tallis: 2-Osc SF2 synth with 2 SF2 LFOs, a configurable Dual Multi-Mode Filter, 3 Envelopes, 8-Step Seq and Matrix.
  • Constellation V: String Machine with 2 very versatile oscillators and an unusual Filter. Phaser & EQ help define the sound of this special synth.
  • WaveScore: 4 WAV player synths in parallel with 5 LFOs and delay for each synth make WaveScore perfect for thick sounds & effects. The default soundbank has a definite Vangelis feel.
  • Virgo 4: 4-voice Chorus unit for really fat and wide sounds.
  • SD-82: Special Driver unit which can vary from subtle warmth for strings & pads to ghastly digital noise as well as Filter effects. The Drive knob goes to 13!

Download SSP III (115 MB)