SynthStudio Pack II

SynthStudio Pack II – Extra Tools

SynthStudio Pack II
SynthStudio Pack II

SynthStudio Pack II is a varied collection of character synths, utilities & effects that can change the way you interact with your existing instruments.

INFO: Windows VST 2, 32 Bit, made in SynthEdit, unsupported

Released in 2007 so it is now dated in many ways. However, the fundamentals are still solid and everything does what it should (assuming your Host lets that happen).

SynthStudio Pack II is downloadable FREE as a pack including:

  • WaveLine: Wave Sequencing sample playing synth.
  • Cluster: 8 Osc Synth semi-Additive Space Synth.
  • Atlas: 2 Osc Digital/Analog Synth with distinctive Multi-Effects.
  • Glaz: 4 Osc FM synth w. Matrix & Filter.
  • HelioVox: digital synth that is great for choir & rubbery sounds.
  • LS-01: simple sample synth with layering abilities.
  • Seq 28-116: Dual 8-note pattern Sequencer/Arp w. 16 step CC pattern.
  • Mod-u-Law: 3 x MIDI LFOs + MIDI ADSR Env.
  • BandWerks: 16 band Fixed Filter Bank/Character EQ.
  • Smear Campaign: Ring Modulator into a Frequency Split Modulated Delay.

Download SSP II (26 MB)