SynthStudio Pack I

SynthStudio Pack I – Fill Your Studio

SynthStudio Pack I
SynthStudio Pack I

SynthStudio Pack I is a collection of synthesizers, effects & utilities to form the core of a VST studio setup.

INFO: Windows VST 2, 32 Bit, made in SynthEdit, unsupported

Released in ~2006 so it is now dated in many ways. However, the fundamentals are still solid and everything does what it should (assuming your Host lets that happen).

SynthStudio Pack I is downloadable FREE as a pack including:

  • WaveSphere – 4 Tone Sample Synth with 24/48db Filter.
  • Janus – 3 Osc Analog Synth with 24db + 12db Filters.
  • Castor – 2 Osc Analog Synth with 12/24/36 db Filter.
  • Pollux – Tri Osc Bass/Lead Synth & Filterbank with 12/24db LP/HP/BP Filter.
  • Cosmo 201 – Casio CZ emulator with Filter & Overdrive.
  • Time – Modulating Delay.
  • Space – Reverb Unit.
  • Depth – Phaser/Flanger/Chorus Multi-FX.
  • Mix – Mix Strip Functions.

Bonus Material are other projects that I made and popped into one Pack or another over time – I just don’t remember which now so I’ll pop em all in here:

  • Sample-O-Tron – Sample-based “analog” synth with drift
  • Shortwave – Wave Explorer synth – simple grain OSC
  • New Wave – Hand draw your own OSC
  • CSM-02 – Dual Soundfont synth
  • BBD-01 – 8 part sample Drum Module
  • Electrap – Analog style Drum Module
  • 2-Thi – Dual Comb Filter

Download SSP I (114 MB)