Lynne Martin – Texturas

Genre: Rock
Released: Nov 2018
Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh

Lynne Martin is from Barcelona Spain. After that I start having to rely on Google Translate:

“Textures” is gestated and molded in Berlin in a period of two years. Each texture is transformed into a song creating a different skin that changes over time. At the end, it ends its process after a return, to run into other forms, waves and perspectives showing its final image.

Lynne Martin, presents his first solo album “Texturas” from November 2018. Singer of Poet In Process (BCN), presents a more intimate and personal work, after her 2 years of life experience in Berlin and create the themes that make up this record, in the German city.

Sadly I find that only a step off entirely unhelpful. However, I am still reviewing this record. There was another record I was looking at but sadly at every turn he hid everything about himself. His music shows promise but from vocal delivery forward, everything that helped a person relate to him was obscured. That included his personality & passion in the singing. If you sing personal songs they have to grab the other person. Not reaching out, past your fears of being seen, will leave you unable to be seen. I felt that guy wanted to be unseen (unsuccessful) so I left him to instead review this one instead where the singer does try to present herself professionally.

You my wonder why I seem to sidetrack so? You can use it as time to start to listen to the music up there but really, as a review site that seeks to support Indie artists, it is also my remit to point out the flaws & mistakes that need to be fixed to help the act do better next time. Support material goes a long way. Where would Kanye (or whatever he calls himself this week) be without supporting material?

Part of the initial problem here is simply that Lynne courts an international and therefore English speaking audience with most of her songs in English, then asks us to rely on Google translate to understand anything else. It is a silly thing. Most people won’t use the translator or even try to re-translate that into something like proper meaning. Entertainment is about making people feel comforted (as well as challenged) so why make it hard for them to get comfortable with you & your material?

Lynne’s record weighs in straight away. Reading her (I assume “her” from the image, name & voice despite what Google says) blurb I could have anticipated something more spindly or washy. The sound is forward, solid and overall reasonably confident. Good effort has gone into developing this material into a fine sounding record. There are credits for a full band, which is what we hear here.

The songs are clearly about experiences over a period of time. This I didn’t need a web service for so that is good. I will admit though that I am not massively into this material. I want to be but I find something still stops me. I have records that do this sort of material with female singers that I love – ‘Til Tuesday “Voices Carry” (Aimee Mann) and Toni Childs “House of Hope” come to mind – but so easily I feel “held out” with many other female singers. I’ll accept that this may be a me thing and let you decide on that for yourself.

If I had to put my words on it I would say that I am missing passion and instead being asked to make-do with the modern idea of perfect singing (which seems to revel in being out of tune) & mixing. There is a line in “The Valley” that goes “I don’t want to die he says” and whatever comes after. That is (or should be) a powerful line but somehow it isn’t – for me at least.

I want to be let in. I really want to feel that in the next song “Dream#47” where she sings “when the sun is due to howl at the moon in the velvet of the night I’ll be waiting to ride by your side”. Wow! I want to immediately feel that physically, to be by her side. But I have to reach-in instead of feeling that I am being drawn-in. I have to find that lyric and tell my brain to engage to get the picture.

When Bob Seger sings similar in “Roll Me Away”, I feel it. When Trisha Yearwood sings similar in “You Can Sleep While I Drive”, I feel it. I want to be on the bike or in the car, the image is immediately alive and full in my mind.

There are some wonderful lyrics in here so I think Lynne’s stories are also interesting. I don’t think this will make it into my collection, but I understand that you may feel differently as the record does look & sound very good.

UPDATE: I worked out that Lynne is the singer from Poet In Process – it says that above in Google’s lumpy translation. They had a song called “Why” in the movie Hellboy 2.