Sinneth Soul – Time Traveller

Genre: Metal
Released: July 2018
Reviewed by: Benedict Roff-Marsh

Please be sure to start playing at Track #1 as currently the album starts in the middle.

Some music comes easy, some comes hard. Some comes real hard.

Sinneth Soul is somewhat the latter. So far I have avoided covering Death Metal or any of the truly terrifying material with unclean vocals & brutality-before-breakfast vibes. This is because I (we) want Unigon Plane to be approachable by all.

Not long before I got this record, I was considering Carnation “Chapel Of Abhorrence” for review but the unrelenting brutality of it, while impressive,  is just too much to ask of a general audience (and even me after a track or two). Sinneth Soul manages to bridge this whilst still delivering a monolithic record.

To digress, the other thing about music coming “hard” is that Pop or lighter musicians just seem totally disinterested in being reviewed. I have made a few overtures, offers even, among acts crying for exposure but they don’t submit. So they stay unexposed here. Back to those who want to be heard…

Sinneth Soul is not exactly a cheery band name so in this space, it is a good name. If you are one of those who wants art to only be pretty, as you will, but please take a moment to consider what true beauty is. A wave can lap gently, or a wave can devastate. It is still a wave and beautiful. There is a majesty in nature and this record seeks to express that, sometimes like a lapping wave, sometimes like a tsunami.

“Time Traveller” has themes of science, nature, religion, and metaphysics. I haven’t deciphered the half of it but it is clear that here is a man calling out to understand himself and his place in the universe. Could art have a more beautiful calling?

Modern Metal seems to survive only by using certain tropes (gimmicks like memes) that while impressive, limit the art greatly not only in expression but accessibility for audiences not totally driven to only accept those tropes. Sinneth Soul is using some of the elements that speak of the heavy styles – I hear elements of Groove, Death, Doom, Folk, Orchestral… but his music is cored by the basics of Rock. Not all the drums are Blast Beats, not all the guitars djent… This may turn off some narrow-minded Metalheads (and sadly there are far more of these than there used to be). But…

The openness makes for a record that is in reality far more powerful for its scope as it reaches from that lapping wave to the tsunami using more natural human emotion than prefab memes. This is what I loved about true Metal from the start. Emotion can be brutal but the music doesn’t have to be cartoon-nasty to have heft. It is the human soul that should be expressed. If expressed well, it makes something truly powerful.

Sinneth Soul is one man, Tomasz Frankiewicz, in his own studio. Sadly this often leads to a flat, egotistical, record, but sometimes it lets a mean speak himself. Yes, with the right collaborators, a more stunning record could be made, but for now, Sinneth Soul is going in the right direction as the album is well worthwile.

Something that I like in the album is that there is a sense of a story arc over the whole set of songs, they go somewhere. Not a concept record like “Dark Side Of The Moon” but a themed record (like many of mine). Again, too early to have a full sense of what that is but this is more than some dude making noises on his computer.

What do I have to compare it to? Oh, this is actually hard. I just bought Strange New Dawn “The Only One” and maybe is it closeness in time but I feel that there is a common sense of a long story with many musical parts. Pantera’s “Vulgar Display Of Power” because it also managed to balance brutality with accessibility. Gary Numan’s “Savage” is probably a stretch but it also is a long story that feels like a man finding his place in a world that seems too large and hard (personally I prefer Numan’s “Splinter” but that is more intimate).

“Time Traveller” is going for only £1 so Tomasz isn’t exactly asking a lot. Maybe he is worth your reward?