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Unigon Plane is a place to find quality music & books to add to your life’s collection. Our emphasis is on quality and we only cover things we think are worth owning.

As a Collector, you are always looking for new material to add to your collection. Your collection is a living thing, nothing goes in it without consideration. Finding the right things to add is difficult, especially these days when everything is so very scattered on the internet. It feels like you have to get the same shallow rubbish everyone else is twittering about or nothing.

We want Unigon Plane to be the place that you, the Collector, comes to find something that could conceivably be of interest and get an honest and well thought out introduction.

There is a wealth of new material arriving every day on the internet but sadly not all of it is of enough quality to make it rise above. Even worse, often the best material sinks without a chance of being seen. Using popularity to choose what is good is fine in some ways but a social disaster in others.

This is where having a Curator helps, Most storefronts have curators of at least some of the material but the concern we see is that they mostly choose using the populist model. Or to be blunt they are swayed by fashion so they mostly choose more of the same and allow the more genuinely interesting material to sink.

We know we can’t cover everything out there, and nor do we even try as that would be larger than any person (or two) could manage, but we can still scan and expose material that stands out as good art regardless of what the style or fashion of the times is.

We ask for your support in two ways:

  1. Let us know that you value the work we have done and how we can help you best in the comments sections and Share us amongst your like-minded friends.
  2. Purchase any artworks that you like. I know that Streaming is ever so fashionable right now but there is nothing like the commitment of owning a record to make you want to know it better. We make nothing off this transaction but it does encourage Artists to see us as a force of good so they are more likely to submit works to us.