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Unigon Plane is a place to ask for honest review & exposure for your work.

We would also like you to know up-front that if we ask for a review copy of your work, it is not to line our collections with free promo copies. We throw away ALL material post-review. If we like it enough to want to keep it, we will buy it from you.

Being an Artist or creator these days is hard. Everyone suggests it should be easy as it is easy to publish with places like Bandcamp or Smashwords. But that is when it gets hard.

Most stores that carry digital content put everyone on the same playing field and then choose what content can be seen, filtered by Popularity or Newest. Some stores are providing some curation of their content but that is still mostly from the viewpoint of what is fashionable today.

If you are neither already popular or fashionable then you aren’t anything. Your work sinks like a stone (along with your heart).

We can’t hope to see and evaluate every release that comes out every day but we do try to scan and dip into works to see which stand out and encourage us to stay listening or reading.

If you send us a special work of art in the form of a music album or a book, then we will give it some exposure with an honest review. Our emphasis is on quality and we aren’t swayed by the fashion of the day. If it’s good, it’s good.

Chapel Nights TestimonialYou may notice our reviews commonly provide some criticism as well as praise. An honest & balanced review is important to us. Sure we could say everything that comes our way is fabulous, must-have material but you know what that is like: in a short time, no one trusts us at all. We have done no one any favors, fans or artists alike.

We ask for your support in two ways:

  1. Let us know that you value the work we have done and Share your review amongst your existing and future fans on your Website, Facebook etc. Sure we may have a criticism but we will also have said good things too. The moment you have someone trustworthy telling people that you are important they believe. You can’t buy that but you can help us build it with you.
  2. Consider using our Services as a second set of eyes & ears for your next work I know that being DIY is a proud thing, but if getting a second opinion and some advice helps make your work more polished and professional then we are all winning.