Collector’s Edition
Media Center by Unigon Plane

Let your music, movies and other media take its rightful place in the center of your life
in a classy, feature-rich and most importantly easy-to-use Media Player.

At present, Collectors Edition Media Center is a work in progress so images & features are in flux. Please don’t be distressed if images of features change from place to place. We have a clear roadmap but not all things are built well enough to show right now. Over time, images will update. If you choose to Subscribe to us here or on Facebook you will stay updated.

Collector's Edition Explorer

Explore – Music Library

Collectors Edition (CE) has a slightly different take on the Media Explorer. Initially, everything will seem very familiar which is good. But after a while, you may notice some differences from the typical Media Center. Controls are kept to a minimum. While it seems cool to developers to create a trillion little buttons that do…

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Now Playing Screen

Now Playing – Easy to Read

Ease of use and readability is very important to us. Every major screen is designed as a 10-Foot Interface, which means you can see clearly from across the room. The Now Playing screen is familiar but has some unique features that really set it apart from typical media players. The most obvious feature is the…

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Your Albums, Your Crates, Your Way

Crates – Arrange Your Collection Your Way

Crates is a different way of handling your collection in a media center. The trouble with most music playing applications is that they are designed with no reference to what a real music collector feels when they interact with their collection. As a result, the media player experience has never remotely equaled the real-world experience.…

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Music Alarm on your Computer

Alarms – Wake on the Dark Side of the Moon

There is nothing like waking in the morning to your own music collection. Sadly the Computer Music Alarm stopped being developed with the advent of Windows 10. This wasn’t necessary as your computer can still activate & fade in the Screen & Music. You can set up different alarms for every day of the week…

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Collector's Edition Tagger

Tagging – Done Right

Most Media Centers tell you how great a job they will do with tagging & beautifying all your music. Pah! They won’t. Well, maybe they will do an adequate job if you only own Top 40 albums from the last 10 years. If you are a real collector and own a lot of material that…

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Media – Live TV, Netflix, YouTube etc

Collectors Edition is a Media Center even though (at present) it only plays music files. Rather than spend a lot of time trying to build in lots of functionality and hope it works nicely, we decided that it was actually better to allow each user to decide what extra they want to run from CE.…

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Collectors Edition Tool Bar
Collectors Edition Tool Bar

The CE Toolbar is deliberately pretty simple. You want to play music, or otherwise be entertained, not struggle with interfaces that look like an IT kid’s wet dream.

You can get to any other module with one click. No having to back up and down menu trees. Rules extend your options to make Collctor’s Edition a true Media Center.

Listening to music during dinner and now it’s time for Netflix? Simple, click the Netflix “Rule” button and the music will pause, Netflix will open and the volume can even be set to adjust for their lower sound levels. Easy.

In Development

estimated release First Quarter 2019

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