Unigon Plane

Unigon Plane Creative are a small collective of digital content creators focusing on telling the Story.

We are not about technology, even though we use it.

Unigon Plane

We are here to help you deliver your Story as it needs to be told.

We can help you make your whole film from as little as $550

How Can We Help You?


2D Art

Album Covers, Logos, Icons, Cartoons, etc. 


3D Art

Models, Animations, Films, Stills, etc.



Unique music for Idents, Films, Games, etc.


Audio Mixing

Vocal Mixes, Mixing & Mastering for airplay, etc.

Not to seem full of ourselves but we have Awards.

We have awards for several of our films and a win for a game. This is worth noting simply becasue it lets you know that we deliver, and people notice.

When we talk about Story over technology this is why it matters.

Our speciality is in developing the story. This makes it a lot easier to get results, especially if on a budget. Talk to us.


If you feel sold on us already, please be in contact

We are based on the lovely Southern Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. We do most of our work online so are very experienced in handling eveything over email, text or video chat.

Jane Stockwell

2D Art, 3D Art, Animation,

Benedict Roff-Marsh

Music Composer, Audio Mixing & Mastering, 2D Art

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