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Collector's Edition

Media Center by Unigon Plane

Let your music, movies and other media take its rightful place in the center of your life in a classy, feature-rich and most importantly easy-to-use app.

CE Screen

Music Library

Search you music and build your Now Playing queue. CE is very album-friendly and works great with larger collections.

CE Screen

Easy to Read & Use

The Now Playing screen, like all others in CE, is a 10-Foot Interface which means that you can read it easily from across the room.


Movies play using your favorite player so no being locked into an average in-built player when you know there is better out there.

Music is the center of my life. I have 5 crates of vinyl that I recorded to mp3, and more than that again in CDs. Most media plyers make interacting with my collection a less than pleasing experience as I lose the feeling of my collection as a living thing. Collector's Edition changes that in a big way.

My computer holds all my media and I love that I can have one application from which I can find, access & play all the things I usually do on my media PCs every day.



CE Screen


Wake to your own music, your way. Create many alarms to suit all your waking needs. Play random songs or a whole album.

Live TV on Your Fave App

We don't lock you in to an average Live TV & PVR but allow you to choose the solution that suits you best. We like the free and totally reliable SichboPVR.

Netflix, YouTube...

Create buttons that launch anything on (or off) your computer. Launch Netflix, YouTube, Excel... Wait, get a life and make that Steam.

Arrange Your Collection

Put every record exactly where you want it. No being bound by arbitrary rules like A-Z, Genre or even Artist. Define exactly what goes where, exactly as you do with your physical collection.

CE Screen

Tagging Done Right

Many players say they'll Tag for you. That results in a messsy collection, like you left your Dio record in the sleve for Bucks Fizz. Take control for a beautiful collection.

Streaming & Zones

Stream media from any computer (or NAS device) on your home network. We also have playing to (and from) Zones on our roadmap.

In Development

Collector's Edition Media Center is in development with an
an expected release date of late 2018
with all the core features.


Music & Video Libraries with local playing of music. Launch user-chosen app for video & TV.

Ease of Use

Full 10-Foot interface for great usability, attention to detail so everything just works. Coded by an Enterprise level expert.

Network & Zones

Media will play over local networks using MS Windows 7 or 10 file sharing. No need for layers of server installation or CPU overheads. Will run on tiny PCs.

CE Screen

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